Written by Patti Pauley

In case you were having a real crappy day today. I’m here to make it all better for you. The second season of Unsolved Mysteries just hit Amazon Prime. You’re welcome Internet.



Just two short months ago, we first got the news FilmRise had indeed acquired the rights to the original Robert Stack nightmare inducing episodes of true terror and open-case crimes that didn’t allow us to sleep without a night-light for days on end. Then the glorious national treasure of season one hit streaming services via Amazon FREE for Prime members in mid-January and my social life took a turn for the worse for a few days thereafter.


Now today, for those like myself who binged the hell out of those 24 episodes of pure Stack majesty, can once again lose their lives to Amazon Prime as the second season which includes another 19 episodes of nightmare fuel is now available to watch with more seasons on the way soon! Head on over if you’re a Prime member and start watching now by clicking this link!


The Dennis Farina episodes that ran from 2008 to 2010 are also readily available per the streaming service.


If you want some more Unsolved Mysteries goodness, check out this article highlighting Matthew McConaughey’s shirtless acting debut on the Robert Stack hosted drama all about U.F.Os, murder, and the paranormal!