Top 5 WTF Moments From Season Six Of The Walking Dead

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Written by Patti Pauley

I’m pretty confident in saying a great portion of us here are thrilled to have entered the gorgeous colors of Fall, pumpkin patches, and of course arguably one of the best horror programs of our generation to make its triumphant return, The Walking Dead. Currently, AMC is running its annual Fear Fest- you can view the full schedule here, and included in this year’s line-up is the ultimate Walking Dead marathon leading up to the highly anticipated season seven premiere. There really is no denying that the latest round of episodes that concluded back in April left us screaming WTF in awe and shock on numerous occasions through every twist and turn. Including the jaw-dropping ending season six left us with. Whether you had made peace with the way things ended last season or you’re still foaming at the mouths bitter with anger, you know damn well you’ll be tuning in for the exciting conclusion of Rick, the gang, and Lucille.

If you’re not ready for all the feels to hit…


While we can all sit and speculate on who was on the receiving end of that brutal beat-down, the ride that season six took us on to get there was downright exciting, suspenseful, and a goddamn privilege to pretend (in my mind) to be apart of. For me, and a lot of others, I read the comics before the show ever aired, and have been a loyal viewer since the show’s debut on Halloween 2009. Every season had at least one “Holy Shit” moment, but this past year has taken us on a magical journey of more than several of those tidbits. In anticipation of the season season premiering on October 23, and everyone’s favorite zombie program returning, let’s take a look at five of the most WTF moments from last season.

5. Rambo Carol VS. The Wolves


For the past seven years we watched Carol grow from a timid battered woman to full on bad-ass, and we loved to watch her go complete Rambo status on the vultures that had it coming. The premiere of season six was one spine-tingling moment after another, but this event that takes place in the second episode, just gave me all the fuzzies. It was at this moment, this WTF moment, Carol became Queen of the new world, and dismantling Rick and Daryl as the local series bad-asses. The Wolves have rammed their way in to the walls of Alexandria and Carol wasn’t having any of that noise. She disguised herself as that of the enemy and went to town on these suckers. It was like watching Rambo 5 starring Melissa McBride. It left me on the floor drooling and worshiping the Ninja Queen in the weirdest of ways. You go girl.




4. Denise’s Monologue Cut Short

walking dead Denise


Living in a post apocalyptic era, it’s a little straining to find a good doctor when you need one. After my number four WTF moment, it just got a whole lot harder. In episode 14 of season six, Denise decides to pull on her big girl panties and accompany Daryl and Rosita on a pharmaceutical run at a nearby drugstore. Up until this point, it was very clear that Doctor Denise hadn’t had much experience with “The Dead”, and that she clearly was unsure of herself being outside Alexandria’s walls. However, although a bit clumsily, she overcomes her fears with a horrifying display in the Pharmacy, and then back on the road when she spots a walker cooped up inside a car with a curious cooler. She struggles with the undead, but manages to put the walker to rest. She seems rather proud of herself at this point, grabbing the cooler she had eyed from the car, and pulling out an orange soda as her trophy. In the aftermath, Daryl scolds the good doctor for unnecessarily putting herself at risk, and Denise goes into this whole spiel of how she needed to do that for herself, and to gain experience. Just when we were getting to some sort of climax to this speech, the doctor gets an arrow. Right through the eye. If you read the comics, you know that arrow was meant for Abraham. So this threw us for one hell of a loop.





3. Glenn’s ummm. Death?

season 6 Glenn

Season six, episode three gave us a giant cliffhanger on the whereabouts of Glenn, and if he was even alive or left as walker grubs. In the show entitled “Thank You”, Glenn and Michonne are instructed by Rick to lead some Alexandrites back home after the discovery of a giant heard of walkers on the outskirts. However, a good number from the hoard of roaming flesh-eaters discovers them first. Michonne manages to escape with some of the group minus a few casualties, but Glenn and the ever irritating Nicholas get left behind and ultimately cornered by the heard. At this point it really looks like there is no way out, then Nicholas decides to take himself out, in lieu of being eaten alive. With a bullet to the head, Nicholas falls onto Glenn, pinning him under the lifeless body, and that is when the shit hits the proverbial fan. The episode and cliffhanger had us screaming at our screens and taking to social media to console each other, because it was a great possibility that this was the end to our beloved Glenn. Obviously, we all know he’s OK.. for now that is. But that was one drawn out WTF. Wouldn’t you agree?




2. The Blue Balls Felt Around The World

Negan gif

The moment that had all gnawing at our pillows with anxiety. The rush of adrenaline that surged through our bodies through the final episode of season six. We knew what was coming, and it had us on the edge of our seats. The moment Negan stepped out of the camper, whistling a tune of nightmares that sent every hair on our body standing up, firmly holding his weapon of choice, we all lost it. The scene that had been teased throughout the entire season was finally here, and someone was about to go on an eternal date with Lucille. The tension was unreal as Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) paced back and forth with that snarky grin on his mug. The self-proclaimed leader of The Saviors picks out victim after a horrifying round of eenie-meenie-minee-mo, and then the unthinkable happens. The camera cuts out. THE CAMERA CUT OUT. Leaving us with our jaws on the floor, and slightly stained underwear. Oh yes, that cruel cliffhanger made the second spot on this list.



1. This Entire Scene From The Mid-Season Premiere


The season six mid-season premiere was one WTF right after another. While camouflaging themselves through a heard of walkers through the streets of Alexandria, Rick, his new fling Jessie, Carl, Father Gabriel, Michonne, Jessie, Ron, and Sam all while trying to keep their heads straight, quietly stumble along the undead in means to escape. The young Sam, who is clearly not dealing well with living in a post-apocalyptic era, has a complete and utter breakdown and stops dead in his tracks. Throwing the group for a complete loop, Sam freezes up and seals his fate as the walkers become aware he isn’t one of them. We’ve seen children become walkers throughout the series, but never had we actually seen one eaten alive in such gruesome detail. What balls on those writers eh? Then just as the cute little affair between Rick and Jessie seemed to be heating up,Jessie gets taken as she breaks character and screams in horror as she watches her youngest become dinner. Ron, who has been unstable for some time, and with a shakey history with Rick, him having killed his father earlier in the season, picks up a gun and points it at Rick. He shoots but narrowly misses, thanks to Michonne who impales at the exact right moment. However, Ron manged to nick Carl. Right in the eye. Again if you’re familiar with the comics, we knew this may or may not would happen eventually. But holy hell, they pulled that card almost out of nowhere and left us in shock after Carl hit the ground. This beautifully put-together 3 minutes of terror earns the top spot easily.