SDCC 2014 Exclusive Super7 Alien Egg Chamber

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Last year at San Diego Comic Con (or SDCC for us cool kids), Super7 released a whole bunch of character figures, inspired by the 70’s and 80’s look of the Kenner and Hasbro figures, from the film Alien under their ReAction Figures line. Well wouldn’t you know it, recently they revealed an exclusive for this year’s SDCC… something for your Alien figures you bought last year… some place for them to explore…

Limited to only 250 pieces, it’s the Egg Chamber Action Playset! Now you can recreate the scene where the crew of the Nostromo dives into the derelict ship and poor Kane gets impregnated. Super7 also showed off an Alien Egg which looks pretty awesome in that true old school fashion they do so well, which you can check both out at Cool Toy Review. No prices for either have been available, but given the limited quantities and being SDCC Exclusives, they most likely won’t have cheap price tags. So if you find yourself in San Diego for Comic Con this year, grab yourself one… and me too!



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