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Scream’s Matthew Lillard Hints That Stu Might Still Be Alive

by Trey Hilburn III

There has been a ton of great new out of the Scream 5 camp in the past couple of weeks. Lot of casting news including the return of Neve Campbell and even a Scream teaser image and release date of Jan. 14, 2022. Now, Matthew Lillard chimed in and teased that Stu Macher could very well still be alive.

Matthew Lillard played Stu in Wes Craven’s 1996 Scream. He was, of course revealed to be one of the Ghostface duo along with pal Billy Loomis. Thing’s didn’t end well for the two dudes. Stu, was stabbed a whole bunch, became pretty woozie and eventually had his head smashed with a TV set.

You see, before TV’s were flat and weighed the same amount as a sheet of paper, TV’s were the weight of 16 boulders. However, that doesn’t mean that it killed Stu. At least that’s what Lillard is teasing on Twitter.

Lillard took to social media to Tweet “I mean… it was just a TV? Right? You’d think he’d SURVIVE? #Stu”.

In a day full of Scream news, Lillard Tweeting something like that was not ignored. A wildfire of Scream fans are all hoping it could be a hint at his return to the franchise.

What do you guys think? Think Stu could have survived the stabs and TV head smash? Let us know in the comments.

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