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‘Scream’ TV Series to Recreate the Original Film’s Opening Scene

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For months now, it’s been pretty clear that MTV’s upcoming TV version of Scream will be less an adaptation of the popular film franchise and more a new murder mystery that shares some of the themes of Wes Craven’s movies. While there’s a still a bit of confusion as to whether MTV’s Scream will feature the film series’ iconic Ghostface mask, one thing we do now know that is the TV show will attempt a perhaps ill-advised undertaking of massive proportions.

According to recently confirmed cast member (and Disney Channel star) Bella Thorne, the Scream TV series is planning to craft its own take on the original film’s legendary opening sequence involving Drew Barrymore.

Bella Thorne

The sequence in question famously featured the stalking and killing of Barrymore’s character by a robed, knife-wielding madman wearing the classic Ghostface mask, following a spirited game of horror trivia over the phone. Anyone who grew up in the 90’s can no doubt recall the chill that shot up their spine when the killer casually tells Drew that he wants to know who he’s looking at. From that moment forward, the tension never subsides, creating a roller coaster of fear that some still maintain the rest of the movie fails to live up to.

It still very much remains to be seen whether MTV and producer Wes Craven can craft a small-screen Scream series worthy of following up his beloved trilogy of films set in the sleepy little town of Woodsboro. We could very easily end up with a contrived, teen soap-opera with knives rendition of Scream this time out, but that doesn’t mean fans should write the series off before it’s had a chance to wow them. Here’s hoping Thorne does even half as good with the material as Barrymore did back in 1996.


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