Released way back in 1991, The People Under the Stairs is definitely one of the wackiest entries into the often eclectic canon of horror mainstay Wes Craven. The movie was far from a runaway hit in any respect, although it has gone on to earn a sizable cult following via home video in the decades since its release, with many fans citing the story’s delightfully madcap insanity as the reason they’ve come to love it.

That all makes The People Under the Stairs a perfect candidate for a Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray release by prolific horror distributors Scream Factory. In its few short years of existence, Scream Factory has shepherded many films to high-def disc that fans thought would never be chosen for the Blu-Ray treatment, and also seen to it that many mistreated cult properties get the respect they deserve.

People Under the Stairs Blu-Ray Cover

People Under the Stairs serves as an example of the second strategy, having been released on Region A Blu-Ray for the first time just last fall. Unfortunately, the film was unceremoniously dumped onto BD by its owner Universal Studios, receiving a completely barebones disc that couldn’t even be bothered to include a trailer. The slate of extras for Scream Factory’s release of TPUTS has yet to be announced, but given the company’s history, it’s sure to be a quite extensive package.

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