Fresh off cleaning up at the Saturn Awards, Scream Factory has recently announced plans to release three more high profile titles to Blu-Ray. Two will be receiving their first-ever Blu-Ray release, while the other was given the short shrift in its previous incarnation. All three will be collector’s edition releases, packed to the brim with supplements in the usual Scream Factory way.

First up, horror/comedy classic Army of Darkness is returning to Blu-Ray. Universal put out a “Screwhead Edition” a few years back, but the disc was woefully lacking in previously released DVD supplements, and did not include the director’s cut of the film with the infamous alternate ending where Ash wakes up in a dystopian future.

Army of Darkness - Ash Boomstick

Scream Factory has yet to clarify whether their Army of Darkness release will include the DC or what supplements will make the trip, but considering they took the time to finally give us a restored release of the Halloween 6 producer’s cut… Let’s just say they have a history of surpassing fan expectations.

In addition to Army, Scream Factory has announced the BD releases of two long-demanded titles: Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight and Tales from the Crypt: Bordello of Blood. Both will be released in feature-packed collector’s editions, with reversible cover art. The actual list of extras has yet to be revealed, but considering neither DVD had a damn thing on it outside of the trailer, whatever Scream gives us will be a true treat.

Army of Darkness, Demon Knight and Bordello of Blood will all hit Blu-Ray this October.

Tales from the Crypt