Last year, horror fans were lucky to see Paramount release every Friday the 13th in the franchise in one set for the first time ever and recently, it was announced that Halloween would be getting the same treatment from Scream Factory and Anchor Bay. They teased us yesterday with a countdown, a pumpkin with a timer, to when they would unveil the box art for Halloween: The Complete Collection. Today, they took to their Facebook book page to tell this wonderful news.

Happy Friday the 13th! In celebration of this infamous date (and with all due respect to that other masked fellow associated with today), Anchor Bay Entertainment and us at Scream Factory proudly unveil the official art for the September 23rd release of the HALLOWEEN Complete Collection Blu-ray! Creative attached is from the 15-disc Deluxe Edition – that includes a rigid slipcase to house all the films, a bonus disc packed with extras and a collectible 40-page book – and the 10-Disc edition (films only but will still have selected extras).

That’s right, not just select Halloween films, but EVERY Halloween film in the franchise, including Rob Zombie’s Halloween and Halloween II, as well as the Producer’s Cut of Halloween 6 (which could only be found as a bootleg previously) and the network TV versions of the original Halloween and Halloween II in the 15-Disc Deluxe Edition, each in a sleek black Blu-ray box. That’s not all, folks… by popular request from the fans, Halloween will come with the original mono soundtrack, as well as both the original Blu-ray and the recently remastered 35th Anniversary Blu-ray of Halloween. This set, of course, includes new extras, like new cast and crew interviews and a limited edition 40 page book written by Michael Gingold of Fangoria Magazine. The deluxe edition will go for $169.99 and the 10-disc edition will be a little cheaper at $129.99.

This set is a must have for not only Halloween lovers, but horror movies as well. I would recommend pre-ordering your set over at Amazon right now! Michael is finally coming home on September 23rd!