Scream Factory Bringing Return of the Living Dead II & More to Blu-Ray

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In the relatively short time it has existed, Scream Factory has become a horror fan’s best friend when it comes to great Blu-Ray releases. So many cult classics and overlooked hits have made their way to HD disc thanks to Scream, and it’s a terrific thing.

Just some of the awesome movies that have hit Blu-Ray for the first time thanks to Scream Factory are They Live, Nightbreed, Lord of Illusions, Prince of Darkness, Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight, From Beyond, The Howling, Shocker, and Session 9.

Recently, Scream Factory announced via Facebook three new films set to get their deluxe treatment, all of which have never hit Blu-Ray before. The most prominent is 1988 zombie sequel Return of the Living Dead Part II, which now makes the franchise complete on BD.

Also coming is 1991’s Roger Corman-produced The Unborn, which stars Brooke Adams as an expectant mother who comes to suspect that her fetus has been tampered with by a mysterious doctor (James Karen), producing horrific side effects.

Finally, 1994’s cult item Brainscan is headed to Blu-Ray. The film stars T2’s Edward Furlong as a lonely teen who is unwillingly sucked into a nightmare after he orders the latest virtual reality video game. Frank Langella also stars, while T. Ryder Smith plays villain The Trickster.

ROTLD II will hit shelves on August 14th, complete with its original soundtrack, which was sadly edited on the prior DVD release. Release dates and extras for Brainscan and Unborn are still TBA, as are extras for ROTLD II.

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