Scream! Factory has been called the Criterion for horror fans and they have a ton of great releases for us in 2014 including Night of the Demons, Witchboard, Ginger Snaps and Sleepaway Camp, whose cover art was dropped today.

Nathan Milliner, who is responsible for a lot of Scream’s artwork (Halloween II and III, The Howling, Terror Train), offers us this bloody rendition of Camp Arawak with Angela’s dead stare looking right through us. Brilliant!

The special features have yet to be announced, but this Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray and DVD will include a reversible cover so you can have the classic sneaker-on-a-knife art as well. Sleepaway Camp is slated to drop May 27th from Scream! Factory. Keep your eye on their Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channel for updates and exclusive content.