A few months back, powerhouse horror distributor Scream Factory was forced to announce a delay of its double feature Blu-Ray release of anthology films Tales from the Crypt and Vault of Horror. The problem lied in the fact that Scream was having a hard-time procuring an uncut print of Vault. FOX owns the stateside licensing rights to Vault, but doesn’t possess the original uncut footage.

Thankfully, Scream Factory eventually located an alternate source for the uncut version of Vault of Horror, and will in fact be presenting three different cuts of the film on the double feature. Now, that’s dedication to your audience. The two-disc Blu-Ray set will include 1080p presentations of Tales from the Crypt and Vault’s uncut version on disc one, while disc two will play host to the PG-rated theatrical cut of Vault of Horror, along with a rare “open-matte” edition of the film. Theatrical trailers for both films and an alternate opening for Vault will also be included as extras.

Tales Vault BD

For those unfamiliar with Crypt and Vault, they’re 1970’s British anthology films based on the classic EC horror comics that were the target of controversy back in the 1950’s. Crypt would of course go on to directly inspire the beloved HBO series of the same name. In fact, the film’s evil Santa story “All All Through the House” was later adapted again for the Crypt TV series. Both versions are very much worthwhile for fans, although they are indeed very similar in execution.

Tales from the Crypt and Vault of Horror make their dual Blu-Ray debut on December 2, 2014. Lovers of anthology horror owe it to themselves to pick up this well-done package. Just be advised that both films possess a very British sensibility when it comes to pacing and humor. If you can deal with that, you’ll have a great time.

Tales from the Crypt - Santa

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