Scream Factory Details Its Blu-Ray Release of ‘The Craft’

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In 1996, Neve Campbell and Skeet Ulrich appeared together in a horror film that would helped define the 1990s. That was of course, Wes Craven’s meta slasher classic Scream. They also appeared in cult hit The Craft though.

All kidding aside, while The Craft doesn’t hold the lofty place in history occupied by Scream, it’s a really fun film in its own right, has style and coolness to burn, and holds a special place in the hearts of many 90s kids.

This is exactly the kind of movie Scream Factory should be putting out, and on March 5th, they’ll do just that. Scream Factory has released the full list of extras for the release and the cover art, which can be seen directly below.

NEW Directing The Craft – an interview with co-writer and director Andrew Fleming
NEW Producing The Craft – an interview with producer Douglas Wick
NEW Writing The Craft – an interview with co-writer Peter Filardi
NEW Effecting The Craft – an interview with makeup effects supervisor
Audio Commentary with director Andrew Fleming
Vintage Featurette – Conjuring THE CRAFT
Vintage Featurette – The Making of THE CRAFT
Deleted Scenes with optional audio commentary
Theatrical Trailer

As a fan, I’m honestly a bit disappointed by the sparse extras line-up, which isn’t quite up to Scream Factory’s usual lofty standards. I mean, they really couldn’t get any of the main cast to do a new interview or commentary?

It’s also sad that the film didn’t receive a new transfer, although that was probably up to Sony. At least the old extras have been retained, and the cover art looks nice. Definitely worth a buy if you don’t own the first disc.