Scream Factory Announces Ten New Titles for 2017

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Everyone’s favorite Blu-ray distributor, Scream Factory, celebrated the Halloween season by announcing not one, not two, but ten new titles they will be releasing throughout next year! Of course, this doesn’t mean that more titles won’t be added, but Scream Factory has confirmed these titles for sure. No release dates or cover art as of yet, but you can bet your bippy we’ll stay on top of that.

The titles in question come directly from Scream’s Facebook page and are Tales From the Hood, Deadtime Stories, Firestarter, Demented, What’s the Matter with Helen?, The Screaming Skull, Psycho (remake), The Vagrant, The Angry Red Planet and Virus. Check out the post below

MST3K fans might remember seeing The Screaming Skull presented on there and personally, I’m looking forward to seeing The Vagrant, Demented and Virus getting proper releases.

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