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Scream Factory is marching on with its Shocktober celebration, and have announced two more high-profile titles set to make their Blu-Ray debuts next year. The company has also released extra feature details for their highly anticipated December Blu-Ray release of Clive Barker’s Lord of Illusions. Read on to learn more.

Carrie 2-Carrie Blu-Ray

First up, Scream Factory will release a double-feature Blu-Ray of the 1998 sequel The Rage: Carrie 2 and 2002’s made-for-TV remake of Carrie featuring Angela Bettis.

Starring Emily Bergl and Jason London, The Rage served as a loosely connected sequel to Brian De Palma’s original adaptation of the Stephen King novel, and centered on another tormented teenager that discovers she has deadly telekinetic powers.

Amy Irving (the only survivor of Carrie’s rampage in the original film) returned as Sue Snell, who now works as the school guidance counselor, and attempts to get Bergl’s character in control of her gifts. The film was a minor bomb when released, failing to make its budget back in theaters. However, The Rage has since acquired somewhat of a cult following on home video.

Carrie - Angela Bettis

2002’s TV remake sticks much closer to the structure of King’s novel than did De Palma’s film, but that hasn’t stopped it from fading into obscurity in recent years. Still, considering that Scream doesn’t charge anymore for its double-features than it does for single releases, including the fairly rare TV version with May star Bettis is a nice bonus for Carrie fans. Both movies have been OOP on DVD for quite some time as well, so score another one for Scream Factory.

Lord of Illusions Blu-Ray

Finally, Scream Factory has released details for its December 16th release of Lord of Illusions, a cult classic whose only release on disc so far was a primitive 1999 DVD. Scream Factory’s Blu-Ray edition will be a 2-disc set, one containing the theatrical cut (never before released on disc) and the other playing host to a fully restored 1080p transfer of Barker’s superior director’s cut of the film.

Disappointingly, Lord of Illusions’ “Collector’s Edition” package will not include a retrospective documentary. That said, it does feature large amounts of vintage interviews and behind the scenes footage of the cast and crew, along with the Barker commentary and deleted scenes that graced the long out of print DVD edition. As always, the most important thing here is getting the film in HD, and Scream Factory will no doubt do right in that regard.