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When it comes to boutique horror releases, it doesn’t get much better than the varied and high quality releases to come form Scream Factory! A division of Shout Factory specializing in genre and cult films, the label was quick to becoming a horror fan favorite when it hit the scene five years ago with the dual blu-ray and DVD collector’s edition releases of HALLOWEEN II and HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH. And the hits continue to take horror fan’s shelf spaces by storm ever since!

In order to celebrate 5 years of such jaw-dropping home video releases, Scream Factory is unleashing one hell of a sale! For their fifth birthday, almost all current Scream Factory releases are at a 50 PERCENT OFF from their main site until June 19th! On top of that, orders over $60 will receive free shipping, there’s the ‘Five Nights Of Fear’ web-streaming event on Shout! TV, and an enter-to-win Scream Contest for all manner of prize packs! The sale so far proving so incredibly popular with collector’s looking for a good deal, it managed to crash or otherwise slow down Shout! Factory’s website! So make your lists, check them twice, and help celebrate five years of sweet genre video releases by buying some good titles!