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‘Scream 5’ Behind-the-Scenes Photos Reveal Sidney Prescott and the New Logo

by Trey Hilburn III

The new Scream film is currently underway! Filming has started on the fifth entry of the slasher franchise. Already, we are starting to see behind-the-scenes photos popping up on the web. Most notably, one that reveals Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott in her return!

The photos give us a good look at Sidney looking fantastic in a fancy brown dress. She looks like she means business, and definitely has come a long way from the timid high schooler she was in the first film.

In addition, we get a look at the new logo, which has been taken down in multiple places since it was originally shared. It’s a sharp looking logo that illustrates the slash in the slasher, along with some blood spattering.

Scream newcomer, Dylan Minnette also makes an appearance in the BTS photos with a new bleached out hair doo.

We have been calling it Scream 5 since it is the fifth in the franchise but the official title is confusingly just Scream. This follows the recent trend of naming the movie after the first film in the series, which is entirely confusing when writing news articles about those films. Scream joins Ghostbusters and Halloween in this new slightly befuddling trend.

The fifth Scream is being produced by Spyglass Media Group. Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett direct( Ready or Not)  with Kevin Williamson on as executive producer and writer Chad Villella.

Scream is set to hit theaters January 14 2022.





Get a release at the ‘Scream 5’ teaser image here!



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