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‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark’ Movie Gets 2019 Release Date

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As a young horror fan, I loved books, especially anthology collections of short horror stories. My hands down favorite were the trilogy of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books written by Alvin Schwartz.

Based primarily on urban legends and other popular folklore, the Scary Stories books were full of ghastly goodness, including creepy illustrations by Stephen Gammell. Amusingly enough, my school  library had them.

As widely beloved as the Scary Stories series tends to be, it’s surprisingly never been adapted for either the big or small screens. That changes soon, with producer Guillermo del Toro’s long-awaited feature film version.

The story revolves around a group of teens who take it upon themselves to figure out the cause of a series of mysterious deaths in their small town. Elements of classic Scary Stories entries are included in the script.


Now, Collider reports that Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark has received an August 9th, 2019 release date, right smack in the middle of the prime summer movie season. Autopsy of Jane Doe helmer Andre Ovredal directs.

While I personally wish this movie was an anthology directly adapting stories from the books, I’m willing to give it a shot, especially with people as talented as del Toro and Ovredal calling the shots behind the scenes.