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There’s a lot of talk right now about the upcoming reboot of Charmed. The bewitching series that ran for eight seasons starting in 1998 has a seriously dedicated fan base and reaction to the new trailer has ranged from glee to utter bile.

There were a lot of reasons to love that original series, not the least of which were the amazing guest stars.

When season two began and Piper opened her club, P3, everyone from Dave Navarro to Pat Benatar to The Cranberries graced its stage.

It wasn’t only musicians, though. Throughout the series, the Charmed ones came face to face with some serious horror stars. Some were icons, some only appeared in one or two films, and for some, they were on the show before they did much of anything else.

For the sake of this list, I’ll be skipping the series’ main cast, although some of them have impressive horror credits themselves! I mean, Rose McGowan did star in the first Scream film, and Brian Krause was unforgettable in the oft-maligned Sleepwalkers!

Also note this is not a comprehensive list. I left out a few to see who would notice. In fact, I left out one MAJOR HORROR ICON who had the briefest of appearances in one episode of the series in season 5. If you know who I’m talking about, not only are you a serious fan of “Charmed”, you also really know your horror.

Take a look at the list below, and let us know your favorites in the comments!

Robert Englund

Might as well, start at the top, right? Robert Englund, Freddy Kreuger himself, appeared in Season 4 Episode 5 titled “Size Matters.”

In it, Englund plays a demon named Gamil who likes to create lifelike miniatures of real women. The problem is, he shrinks the women down to a mere five inches, coats them in clay and fires up the kiln to create the figurines.

The Charmed ones discover what’s going on, but it’s only after they’ve been shrunk down themselves that they manage to turn the demon’s magic back on himself.

It was a brilliant episode that came shortly after Rose McGowan joined the series as Paige, the fourth sister that no one knew about who showed up in the nick of time to save the Charmed legacy after Shannon Doherty exited the show.

Danielle Harris

Speaking of an extra sister, Danielle Harris, the actress who managed to star in both the original and reboot Halloween franchises as well as gracing the screen in genre favorites like Hatchet II and Tom Holland’s Twisted Tales, appeared early on in the eight season run of “Charmed.”

Season 1 Episode 7 was titled “The Fourth Sister” and in it Harris plays Aviva, a high school girl trying to find her way who has fallen under the influence of a demon. Kali (don’t get me started on the series using Pagan Gods as demons or we’ll be here all night) covets the power of the Charmed ones and she sends Aviva to work her way into the sisters’ good graces.

Things, of course, don’t go well, and Prue, Piper, and Phoebe end up saving Aviva from a fate worse than death.

Danielle Harris as Aviva in “Charmed”

Tobin Bell

He was the voice that creeped out an entire generation of moviegoers as he explained why each of his victims had been chosen in the Saw franchise, but two full years before he took on the mantle of Jigsaw, he was Orin, a gypsy hunter out for revenge on the priestesses who stole his eyes.

Bell was no stranger to genre work, and he was at his creepy best as forced his son Cree to continue his work, tracking down the gypsy women to take their eyes in hopes of finding the one blessed with the power of the Evil Eye.

It was a fantastic episode which also featured an appearance by Lorna Raver whose performance in Raimi’s Drag Me to Hell is one that genre fans won’t soon forget!

Tobin Bell as Orin on Charmed

Chris Sarandon

For some, he’s Jerry Dandrige from Fright Night and for others, he’s Mike Norris from Child’s Play. Fans of “Charmed”, however, know him as Armand the Necromancer, who once had a heated love affair with the Penny Halliwell, grandmother of the Charmed Ones.

In Season 5 Episode 21 titled “Necromancing the Stone”, the Halliwell sisters are preparing for the wiccaning of Piper’s first born, Wyatt. They summon Grams (Jennifer Rhodes) to perform the ceremony and she warns them that when she performed the ceremony at their mother’s wiccaning, Armand showed attacked them.

He lives on the life force of the dead, you see, and the ceremony involves summoning the matriarchs of the Halliwell line so it’s basically his idea of an all you can eat buffet of Kobe steaks.

Things take an interesting turn when the Sisters discover that he wormed his way into Penny’s life by wooing her.

Chris Sarandon as ARmand on Charmed

Norman Reedus

Speaking of “Necromancing the Stone”, this particular episode marked the end of a two episode arc for Norman Reedus! You read that right!

Before he was riding motorcycles and killing Walkers, Reedus was playing Nate Parks, a love interest for Paige. Unfortunately for Nate, Paige decided to cast a spell to see if he could handle her big secret and well…take a look below.

Scout Taylor-Compton

Oh sure, everyone now knows her as the new Laurie Strode in Rob Zombie’s “adaptation” of Halloween, but at the tender age of 11 years old Scout Taylor-Compton was playing the diminutive fairy princess Thistle on Season 3 Episode 3 titled “Once Upon a Time.”

Take a look at that innocent face! She would appear in several more episodes as the same fairy, though after a while it began to look like they might have just re-used some of the previously recorded footage.

Scout Taylor-Compton as the Fairy Thistle in Charmed

Kerr Smith

He was Sean in The Forsaken, Carter Horton in Final Destination, and for 10 episodes in the seventh season of “Charmed”, he was Kyle Brody, a Homeland Security agent who discovered the Sisters’ secret and convinced them to work with him to try to take down a powerful group called the Avatars.

Along the way, he had a bit of romance with Paige and found out that things weren’t always what they appeared to be.

A personal favorite episode was in Season 7 Episode 8 titled “Charmed Noir” in which Brody and Paige are pulled into the pages of an old school pulp noir novel and have to solve a murder before they can escape.

Rose McGowan and Kerr Smith in “Charmed Noir”