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Scared of Clowns? These Makeup Effects Will Brighten Your Day

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Much to the dismay of professional clowns everywhere, it seems that we just can’t get over how downright creepy a clown can be. Now, horror movies will try to make just about anything scary (or, in cases like Zombeavers, they’ll make it ridiculous enough that you can think, yeah, I can see how this would be frightening). With clowns, however, it feels like there wasn’t much they needed to do to build up a scare. As we’ve seen in Stitches, Clown, Killer Klowns From Outer Space, It, and American Horror Story, clowns can be perfectly unnerving or downright terrifying.

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I mean, it’s pretty easy to go from friendly to frightening. And I’m sure those clown attacks of 2016 did nothing to help dissuade your fears (remember that? That was absurd. 2016, what the hell).

So if you’ve got a case of coulrophobia, I’ve got a photo set for you! I’ve scoured through Instagram to bring some cool, creepy, and creative scary clowns from some truly talented makeup artists to brighten up your day. You’re welcome!

Enjoy! And if you have your own clown makeup you’d like to share, show us in the comments!

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