5 Scariest Unsolved Mysteries Segments as Voted By Fans!

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Written by Patti Pauley

If you try and tell me that the original Unsolved Mysteries program hosted by Sir Robert of Stack isn’t one of the goddamn creepiest shows ever aired on prime time TV, then you’re so wrong. You just sit there in your world of wrongness and get used to living in Wrong Town U.S.A.

OK, maybe that was a bit selfish and a tad bitchy on my part, but I can’t reiterate enough here on iHorror how much this show scared the living craps out of me as a kid, and even now as an adult with the episodes FINALLY streaming on Amazon Prime, that the creepiness factor still manages to hold up; as I pull the covers just a little over my head in the midst of a late night viewing with the anxieties that escaped murderers could be hiding in the bushes of my back yard…

Now that I’ve humiliated myself and made myself vulnerable to three million readers, let’s get down to brass tacks here. Even if you don’t think Unsolved Mysteries is the scariest form of TV from then to now, you can’t deny the heightened creep factor in the form of true horrific tales of murder, the paranormal, Stack’s creep-tastic voiceovers, and of course, that damn theme song. A good portion of the stories contained in the hour long show certainly stuck with fans of the show, and yours truly included that actually appears in the top five here. Per the Official Unsolved Mysteries Facebook page, fans were asked what segment from the program was the scariest? Voters were given an array of choices to select from, and the results are now in Stack-Heads!

The top five scariest segments that raised that creep bar higher than the rest are as follows:

  • 5. Halloween Party Death- The mysteries death of teenager Kurt Sova that may, that may or may not have involved witchcraft- This was the one that stuck with me for years, and have never forgotten.

  • 4. Scared to Death- The horrific events that led up to the death of Canadian nurse, Cindy James.

  • 3. Friends to the End- The unexplained death of two teenage boys found lifeless on train tracks.

  • 2. Unkown Arsonist- That creepy as fuck videographer that claimed responsibility for a Stockton fire while filming it, hailing Satan.

  • 1. Dial A for Abduction- Angela Hammond, who was abducted from a phone booth while speaking to her fiance.

Do you agree with the top five? Or is there another segment from the series that you think should be included? Comment below, and make sure to check out the original Robert Stack streaming episodes on Amazon Prime. As of now, season one through four are available with the fifth season dropping presumably very soon!