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Horrifying Clowns Are Invading Valentine’s Day

by Piper St. James

Clowns are terrifying lovebirds in California with Scare-O-Grams. The California established haunted house, Ranch of Horror, owns the scare factor scene in October, but what about the rest of the year? How could they incorporate their love for scaring the masses into the rest of the year?

That’s when the idea of delivering flowers to lovers while dressed as their terrifying clown personas was born. It began as a joke. Then after some thought, the family operated haunted attraction decided to try it out and see where it goes. Why not, after all? It’s about time the Valentine’s Day scene caters to those of us who don’t embrace the candy and greeting card driven holiday.

Blanco and Peddles the clowns

There are currently four clowns who participate in these Valentine’s Day grams. They deliver balloon bouquets (very appropriate for a clown) and a card which starts at $18. For a price other gifts are available such as flowers and even teddy bears, all to be delivered personally to homes or workplaces.

However, they do have precautions in place. A non dressed clown employee will make sure there are not children present in the vicinity of the delivery. They will also make sure their clowns will not enter workplaces who deny entry or are risky locations, such as banks.

Peddles the clown getting ready to deliver some scares and flowers.

Ranch of Horror’s favorites Peddles and Blanco, are two of the four clowns making delivers. Both silent clowns, which increases the creep factor, and have dominated the darkly rooted Valentine’s Day surpise. They truly get into their personas and make the experience one recipients will surely never forget.

Blanco the clown making a delivery to an unsuspecting victim… I mean, client.

While it’s too late to book this year, their success makes the return of the clowns next Valentine’s Day very likely. Ranch of Horrors stated their clown gram service may even be incorporated into other holidays. Their other idea is to offer the clown grams year round for birthdays and special occasions. I would certainly consider sending one to my friends, but I’m just twisted like that.

Check out Ranch of Horrors here and be sure to follow their Facebook Ranch of Horrors, Inc.

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