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‘Saw’ TV Series Reportedly in Development

by Michael Carpenter

Do you want to play a game? At this point I’m not really sure if I do. I didn’t really care much for Saw VII or Jigsaw, and I’m not really sure whether to be excited for the Saw reboot movie starring Chris Rock. That saddens me, as I love most of the series.

If you, unlike me, still haven’t had your fill of Jigsaw’s improbable posthumous games yet, here’s something you might be interested in. According to a new report from We Got This Covered, a Saw TV series is currently in the early stages of development.

Details beyond that aren’t provided, such as what network the Saw series might air on, or whether it’ll tie directly into the prior films. However, it’s a bit of a curious turn of events, as it’s been reported that Lionsgate has big plans for the movie reboot.


It’s worth pointing out that you should probably take this as a rumor for now. We Got This Covered isn’t saying where they got the information from, and they have a bit of a spotty track record for accuracy. Still, they have gotten some things right before.

While it’s nice that horror fans have so many options for frightening TV entertainment currently, one wonders if we’ll eventually reach critical mass on that front. Horror programming is big right now, but most trends do eventually come to an end.

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