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Saw Blu-Ray Cover

Do you want to play a game? Lionsgate does, as the studio plans to release the complete Saw series in one Blu-Ray box set this fall. The studio has yet to put out the official press release for the set, but it can now be pre-ordered on for the staggeringly low price of only $17.49. That’s less than $3 per film. Dubbed Saw: The Complete Movie Collection, the box set hits stores on September 23, 2014, and will contain the unrated cuts of all seven Saw films, both on Blu-Ray disc and digital HD Ultraviolet.

Unfortunately, there are still many unanswered questions about the Saw set at this point, especially when it comes to extras and disc count. The Amazon pre-order listing says that Saw: The Complete Collection comes on only three Blu-Ray discs, which sounds rather odd for a series that contains seven films. Even if they went the combo disc route (much like Warner did with the Friday the 13th BD collection), Lionsgate would still be forced to cram three 1080p feature films onto a single disc. There is no way that wouldn’t result in a huge loss in picture quality for whichever films draw the “3-on-1-disc” short straw.

Another big question relates to extra features. While the original Saw film only currently exists on a barebones Blu-Ray, all the sequels came packed with various extra features, including commentaries and behind the scenes documentaries. Packing seven movies onto three discs would be a tight fit, meaning there is almost zero chance of those discs also being able to comfortably accommodate any of the previously released supplements.

Then again, maybe the Amazon listing is simply a misprint, and Lionsgate will eventually clarify that the Saw films aren’t being squished onto three discs and that extras will in fact be included. If not, it’s doubtful Saw die-hards will pick this set up. Which would be a shame too, as the price is terrific.

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