For the better part of a decade, every October saw a new Saw entry hit theaters, delighting horror fans with twisted traps, twisting plots, and gratuitous gore. Then, after 2010’s Saw VII: The Final Chapter, it all came to an end, seemingly for good.

As we all know though, one can’t keep a popular horror franchise down, leading to 2017 revival Jigsaw, which was initially promoted as a reboot, but ended up directly connected to the prior films. Now, Saw is in line for another attempt at reinvention.

Comedian and actor Chris Rock, who’s apparently a huge Saw fan, pitched Lionsgate on an idea in which he would both produce and star. As weird as that sounds, he recently even managed to bring Marvel A-lister Samuel L. Jackson onboard.

Saw Spinoff

While it’s unclear exactly how this new Saw will connect to the original series, if it even does, Deadline reports that Lionsgate has moved the release date up from October 23rd, 2020 to May 15th, 2020. This places it during the prime summer movie season.

No official reason was given for Rock’s Saw to move five months up the schedule, but one can surmise that perhaps Lionsgate execs are gaining more confidence in the project, and thus think it could stand up as a summer tentpole for the studio.

Of course, by releasing in May, Saw will face much stiffer competition at the box office, including Marvel’s Black Widow, a new Scooby-Doo movie, and Fast and the Furious 9. Hopefully the Jigsaw fanbase is loyal enough to combat those threats.