‘Saturday Night Live’ Hilariously Parodies Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’

Michael CarpenterMovie NewsLeave a Comment

Hey, you, have you seen Us yet? Judging by the film’s box office take, you probably have. The second feature effort from writer/director – and former sketch comedian – Jordan Peele, Us has been widely acclaimed by both horror fans and mainstream critics.

So far, Us has earned a whopping $174 million worldwide on a budget of $20 million. It remains to be seen if Us will ultimately be as profitable as Get Out, which hauled in over $255 million worldwide. Either way, Peele’s momentum as a filmmaker continues.

On this past Saturday’s episode of Saturday Night Live, the NBC sketch show amusingly parodied Us by way of a Discover Card commercial send-up. In the sketch, cast member Ego Nwodim plays dual roles similar to those played by Lupita Nyong’o in Us.

Thankfully, the above sketch actually turned out pretty funny, as SNL has a spotty track record when it comes horror parodies over the years. I’m willing to bet Peele himself even liked it, since he’s certainly no stranger to doing horror parodies on Key & Peele.

For those who want to spend more time in the creative mind of Peele, CBS All Access premiered the new Twilight Zone revival today, which Peele hosts and produces. As a lover of anthology shows, I can’t wait to check this new incarnation out for myself.


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