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Sarah Paulson Shares Shocking New Look in ‘American Crime Story’

by Trey Hilburn III

Sarah Paulson is horror’s darling. We have given her a nice home and she in return has given us very memorable roles in a number of Ryan Murphy projects including Ratched and American Horror Story. The latest Murphy and Paulson project takes Paulson into the shoes of a real historical and trouble-making figure.

For those who aren’t familiar with American Crime Story the synopsis breaks down like this:

“Several historical and high profile murder cases are reenacted with proper factual evidence, official records and background information that gives a different insight into the famous murders.”
Paulson will play Linda Tripp the woman whom recorded Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky’s White House affair. The Impeachment episodes of American Crime Story will focus on that era of Clinton’s presidency and the fiasco that was Tripp’s tapes and where all that lead.
The series will be told through three distinct points of view that include Tripp’s, Lewinsky’s and Paula Jones’.
Beanie Feldstein will play Lewinsky with Clive Owen playing Bill Clinton and Billy Eichner playing Matt Drudge. Oh, man. I’m really looking forward to seeing Eichner in that role. Should be a riot.
For those that remember the whole Clinton administration, it was a bit of a horror so its on brand, y’all. Plus, it’s always great to share Sarah Paulson news.
What do you guys think about Sarah Paulson’s transformative look in the upcoming American Crime Story? Let us know in the comments section.

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