‘Santa Clarita Diet’ Gets Season 3 Netflix Premiere Date

Michael CarpenterTelevision NewsLeave a Comment

Netflix, we know it, we love it, and yes, sometimes we complain about it, mostly when prices go up. Still, Netflix offers a lot of content for the money, including great original horror series like Stranger Things and Black Mirror.

One horror-related Netflix show that doesn’t get enough love is Santa Clarita Diet, although clearly a good amount of people are watching it, or Netflix wouldn’t keep renewing it. They usually renew it quickly as well.

Santa Clarita Diet stars Drew Barrymore as Sheila Hammond, a wife, mother, and realtor who dies and comes back as a flesh-craving zombie. She’s still mostly herself though, so her husband wants to keep her around.

Playing her husband is Timothy Olyphant, who’s willing to do anything to preserve his family. Two seasons of Santa Clarita Diet have aired, and Netflix has now confirmed a season three premiere date of March 29th.

Part of me wonders just how much life this particular premise has in it – after all, the driving goal continues to be to try and reverse Sheila’s undead condition – or at least stop her decay – but doing so instantly ends the show.

If anything, one of Santa Clarita Diet’s biggest strengths is its half-hour length, as – similar to Ash vs Evil Dead – each episode is a funny, gory good time, and leaves fans wanting more. Thankfully, there’s more yet to come.

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