Well, ya had me at “shark”. As with most other times, I hop right onboard with any sort of shark movie. Now, throw in Sam Worthington and a killer whale bent on revenge. That sound you hear is me completely abandoning my everyday life to impatiently wait in a theater. I’ll wait in a very sort of Phantom of the Opera sort of way to await the films release.

A little while back we told you guys about a shark film being worked on by Final Destination 5 director Steven Quale.

The synopsis for Alphas goes like this:

“A coastal community terrorized by a school of sharks. The townspeople decide the only way to deal with the man-eating threat is to unleash a damaged killer whale held for years in solitary confinement after it killed its trainer.”

With star, Sam Worthington now onboard to lead up the shark v whale battle, it appears that the production team is aiming to have this be a big theatrical release.

Name the shark hunting orca, Quint and you have pure fried gold here friends, just a suggestion.

What do you guys think about the casting of Worthington? Oh, and what do you guys think about this ludicrously, amazing plot. Let us know in the comments section.