We’re here to celebrate Sam Raimi’s birthday. In fifty-eight years the man has certainly etched a niche upon the foundations of horror history. With one trilogy of movies alone Sam Raimi could have easily retired, sat back and lived off the ever-growing fandom of the Evil Dead franchise. But thankfully he wasn’t lazy.


Sam Raimi and the Evil Dead!


The first Evil Dead movie is proof of what one young man with a determined dream can accomplish.


Far from being a rich man, Sam Raimi was a simple film student who had to go door to door to local doctor and dentist offices to get funding for his little project – a small independent horror flick shot out in the woods called, Evil Dead. He quickly proved you don’t need a big budget as long as you have talent and a passion for what you’re doing, Sam Raimi not only made his horror film come to life, he brazenly cemented his legacy among horror fans for decades to come!


The Evil Dead was an immediate hit! But let’s be real, you don’t need me to tell you that. We all know what a success the movie was, and still continues to be today. I remember hearing how people ran out of the theaters screaming once the scares and gore of Evil Dead lit up the big screen. The dark incantations of H.P. Lovecraft’s greatest creation – the Necronomicon – were unleashed upon unsuspecting viewers and out of the shadows arose a legend to fight evil and send those nasty asshats right back to Hell. That legend was none other than his grooviness himself, Ash Williams.


Ash was brought to life by the one and only Bruce Campbell, a man who still to this day steps into Ash’s shoes to fight the legion of evil in Ash vs the Evil Dead.


For years there was talk about a fourth Evil Dead movie – or would it be a second Army of Darkness film? Then the age of the remakes befell us all, so it was no surprise to see the deadites get the reboot treatment. To be fair this is a rare remake I do really like. It went back to the original nightmarish quality the original movie had. For a lot of fans, Evil Dead is synonymous with slap-stick gags and laughs. And really, that’s ok. More people think of Evil Dead II or Army of Darkness when it comes to the movie legacy. But let’s not forget that the original movie was meant to be a serious horror film, one that sometimes is overlooked by the offshoot of its successful sequels.


So with the remake out people truly thought that was the end of any chance of any further sequels. If there were to be any continuation it would more than likely follow the remake. But little did we know what kind of treat Sam Raimi had in store for us! Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi teamed up again, dusted off the Necronomicon, got ready to unleash some groovy goodness and brought us Ash vs the Evil Dead, a series I certainly consider to be Evil Dead 3(4?).


I had the honor of meeting Bruce Campbell last week. He said that one of the good things about getting older was that it also meant Sam Raimi was older too and couldn’t hurt him as much. It really struck me that Campbell’s career is largely due to his friendship with Raimi. I’m not saying that without Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell wouldn’t have been a success. But we do have to admit, Campbell is one of the best gifts Raimi has given to us as fans. We love our Ash, a character created in the mind of a cool guy with a hilarious sense of humor.


Raimi And a Big Web!


Sam Raimi could easily go down in history just for the Evil Dead movies. But once again he proved the heights of his ambitions. Back in the early years of the Millennium audiences cheered as everyone’s favorite neighborhood Spider-Man swung into theaters and knocked our socks off. It’s said that today kids are clamoring over all the Marvel Studio films but don’t even realize that had it not been for Sam Raimi turning Spidey into a massive success there would be no Avengers films.


Just like his original passion to get Evil Dead onto the screen, so was his passion to bring his all-time favorite super-hero to life. Once again Raimi knocked on doors of studios and fought to make this movie happen. And wouldn’t you know it? It was another immediate success.


Sam Raimi is a dreamer who isn’t just content with sitting about and dreaming. He makes those dreams come true. He should be an inspiration to all aspiring artists, film makers and writers. Don’t be busy dreaming. Be busy with doing! Make dreams come true.


This has been Manic Exorcism. Happy Birthday to Sam Raimi! Thank you for all the laughs and screams!