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Sam Raimi Still Wants to Direct an ‘Evil Dead’ With Bruce Campbell as Ash

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The Evil Dead reboot was a good one. I mean, for me personally it didn’t hold a candle to the original trilogy, but it was fine none the less. Now, in a recent AMA with Sam Raimi, he admits that he still has the itch to direct an Evil Dead but only if it stars his longtime collaborator Bruce Campbell starring in the film.

“I would love to direct a new Evil Dead movie… but I’d really like to do it with Bruce. And he says he’s retired the character. I hope not.”

As for the next move for the Evil Dead’s franchise, it seems that Raimi and Rob Tapert are working on a story with “a young filmmaker” to add a new chapter.

More Evil Dead is good Evil Dead in my opinion. Getting new filmmakers to add their personal touch to the films similar to what Fede Alvarez did with the reboot is welcome. However, I would absolutely love to see Bruce and Sam working together as director and start for a feature.

Sure, Ash Vs. Evil Dead had its Rami/Campell moment in the sun with the first episode of season one, but after that it was a series pretending to know what Raimi would have chosen to do with the camera.

What are you guys more excited about? Think Raimi and Campbell will direct and star again? Let us know in the comments section.

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