Sam Raimi Almost Directed a Very Different Version of ‘The Fly 2’

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Written by Patti Pauley

Did you know the legendary Sam Raimi almost directed The Fly 2? I sure as hell didn’t, and as a matter of fact I feel like this seemingly monumental snippet of horror movie trivia has been buried and unknown to the masses. That is until now courtesy of a recent episode of the Post Mortem with Mick Garris Podcast.

The Critters 2 and Hocus Pocus writer who penned, in what is my humble opinion, the sequel to Cronenberg’s classic take which stands as a true master achievement in the horror genre, and quite possibly the greatest horror movie remake of all time, had a lot to live up to following in those kinds of footsteps. While I don’t think personally the film is all bad as some would say, the story of The Fly 2 and Martin Brundle, the result of what happens when you infuse Brundlefly with Geena Davis, isn’t quite as enthralling and just doesn’t bear within the type of raw emotion and certain magic from its predecessor. Although I will say, Brundlefly Jr’s love for animals is kind of the sweetest thing ever.


fly 2


Could the movie have been better with Evil Dead‘s Sam Raimi overseeing the film in the director’s chair? Maybe, and Mick Garris himself explained during the latest podcast episode that featured Hannibal and American Gods writer Bryan Fuller, on the heels of a discussion on the pair’s love for Evil Dead 2, that Raimi was indeed slated to direct the film, and that it was originally VERY DIFFERENT. Here’s what Garris said according to the podcast:

“When I was writing Fly 2, originally Sam Raimi was going to direct it, on the strength of Evil Dead 2. It would’ve been a VERY different movie. Then [Sam] and his brother wrote a different treatment that went way out to cloud wacky land, and that would’ve been amazing. But it didn’t work out, but it was a great experience to meet him.”


Based on this newly unearthed little tidbit, I can’t help but wonder what kind of movie Sam Raimi could have brought us, and exactly what was it about this crazy different vision of Raimi’s The Fly 2 that scared the shit out of 20th Century Fox? Well, maybe we’ll never know but rest assured I’m now on a mission to find out!





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