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We’re just a few months away from the premiere of American Horror Story: Hotel, the series’ fifth season headed to FX in October. Many familiar faces are coming along the ride, including Evan Peters and Finn Wittrock, though series regular Jessica Lange has unfortunately ended her run with the show.

But creator Ryan Murphy may have a replacement lined up for Lange, reports Hollywood Life. Amidst comparisons between Lange and Caitlyn Jenner, which are quite frankly undeniable, the outlet asked Murphy if he’d have any interest in casting Jenner in a future season of the show, and his answer may surprise you.

What I thought was the greatest thing of all was, [Jessica] said, ‘I love that,'” Murphy told the website, praising the reaction Lange had to the internet comparing her to Caitlyn Jenner’s recent Vanity Fair cover. “Maybe I’ll put Caitlyn on Horror Story. You never know. I wonder if she would act?

Caitlyn Jenner American Horror Story

I’m a big fan of [Caitlyn’s],” Murphy went on to say. “And I’m really proud to live in a world where five years ago, if that had happened, it would be totally different. I thought [the comparisons]  became instantly like a compliment as opposed to a detriment. I love that.”

Murphy is of course no stranger to accepting and empowering the LGBT community, as Glee‘s Unique Adams (played by Alex Newell) was the first openly transgender teen character in the history of American television. That’s a big deal, and all of us here on iHorror applaud Murphy for being so progressive.

Kathy Bates, Evan Peters, Finn Wittrock, Sarah Paulson, Angela Bassett, Lady Gaga, Chloe Sevigny, Matt Bomer, Max Greenfield, Cheyenne Jackson and Wes Bentley comprise the cast of American Horror Story: Hotel, which we still know very little about.

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