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Ryan Murphy Says ‘Cult’ is his Favorite AHS Season

by Paul Aloisio

As American Horror Story passes its 100th episode with an installment bluntly named Episode 100, creator Ryan Murphy revealed to Entertainment Weekly that his favorite season this far is Cult. Surprised?

I certainly was. While many feel that Murder House is the most iconic and Coven appears to come back in the series frequently, Murphy is confident in his choice. He said:

“This was my favorite season … I think [Brad] Falchuk agrees. We both felt so passionately about the story, about the terrifying rise of [Donald] Trump, of people falling under the spell of the cult personality. I will never forget the filming on the day where [Sarah] Paulson (as Ally) is watching the returns and Trump wins and she falls to the floor in horror while drinking rosé. That happened to me, so we put it into the show.”

The creator also stated that episode 11 of Cult, titled Great Again, is his favorite. He elaborated:

“Largely this episode is my favorite because the pairing of Paulson vs Evan Peters was my favorite antagonist/protagonist thing we have ever done … They are so close and really understand how to work with each other, and get underneath each other’s skin like brother and sister, so it really clicked. And is was satirical to boot, which I loved. I really loved Evan’s performance so much, and so did Sarah. We still talk about it. Like once a week about how good he is? Evan is CRIMINALLY underrated in this role.”

Evan Peters, who is sorely missed in the current season, has always been a standout part of the show. And it would be very hard to argue that Kai Anderson was not exceptional.

Murphy also reveals during the EW interview that Peters needed almost two years to recover from his role in Cult. Now that’s pretty heavy.

American Horror Story is currently in its 9th season. Titled 1984, it features a throwback vibe and a slasher movie inspired plot.

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