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Ryan Gosling is mostly known for playing the romantic type in “The Notebook” or known for those annoying “hey girl” memes that flood the interwebs.

But the guy has a darkside. “Drive” was the first film to pull me into the Goslingverse, until then he was an actor I tried to avoid. Right around the time that he caught my interest with “Drive,” he also came out with a horror themed band with collaborator Zach Shields called “Dead Man’s Bones.”

Most recently he began work on a film titled “How to Catch a Monster” that has since become titled “Lost River.” I gotta say I liked the first title a lot more.

We were hit with a teaser trailer earlier this year that didn’t give much of the plot away. The new full length trailer delves in a little deeper and shows off some of the directorial skill of Gosling. He uses a lot of visual cues from director Nicholas Winding Refn and even has a scary bully version of Matt Smith named, well Bully.

The story follows a family who stays in their home despite the fact that the surrounding town is all but abandoned. When they find a road that leads under water. Apparently the odd events happening in their town has to do with a spell that was cast on the underwater town.

It will be cool to find out what lies beneath lost river when it comes out in April.