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Update: There’s been some confusion going on about this story, which we’re now doing our best to clean up. Bill Moseley did indeed appear in a “sizzle reel” trailer for the Manson Girls film, which has been widely available online for the last couple of years. IMDB also lists him in the cast as Manson. That said, Moseley himself is denying any involvement with the final Manson Girls feature film. A photo of those denials is posted below. iHorror apologizes for any confusion, but for now, the only direct word we have is Moseley’s, and he says he’s not playing Manson.

Bill Moseley Twitter Denial

Bill Moseley - House of 1000 Corpses

A day or so ago, the online horror community blew up with joy at the news that genre icon Bill Moseley would be portraying legendarily murderous cult leader Charles Manson in the long-gestating film Manson Girls. It’s easy to see why horror fans were pleased, as Moseley (probably best known for playing Otis Driftwood in Rob Zombie’s films House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects) is seemingly a perfect choice for the role. Unfortunately, what almost no site has seen fit to mention is that the story has since been killed by the man himself. Sadly, we won’t be getting Moseley as Manson.

Bill posted the following message on his official Twitter and Facebook accounts over the weekend: “Me as Charles Manson? Not as far as I know. No deal; hell, no one’s even negotiating. So think twice before you contribute to some fan funding. Just sayin’.” That’s about as unambiguous as one can get. Bill Moseley has not signed a deal, or seemingly even been approached by the makers of Manson Girls to appear in the film.

Making this development even more odd is that the story traces back to an exclusive report by, a website that is usually extremely reliable when it comes to breaking Hollywood stories. In this case, it would appear that the site received some false information from what they believed to be a trustworthy source. Of course, now that the reaction to the prospect has been so intensely positive, maybe Moseley will end up playing Manson at some point in the future? Stranger things have happened. What is clear is that he won’t be starring in Manson Girls.

Bill Moseley - Chop Top