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What better time of the year than now to watch some great makeup tutorials? Halloween is this month and with all the parties and events happening around town it might be the right time to bone up on some beautifying techniques.

Fortunately performing artist and drag star Pearl has introduced us to alter-ego Roxanne a woman who has many problems, one of which is not taking the time out to treat herself to a full-on makeover.

But in the tutorial below, she is giving it her all with tips on how to blend, create great contouring effects and accentuate those luscious lips.

And we gotta say, the final result is on fleek.

Beautification aside, the practical effects to create Roxanne are near perfection. Each flaw a miracle of make-up wizardry. Then to transform her into a silk purse only adds to the talent of this former Drag Race contestant.

The video below was introduced on Pearl’s YouTube channel in early September and has already racked up over 2M views.

Whether you appreciate the humor of the piece or are in awe of the talent it took to create this unique looking character, there is no denying Roxanne’s overall effect is both disturbing and fascinating.