The finale of Season 7 of American Horror Story airs tonight!  Titled “Great Again”, the episode marks the end of a tumultuous season that has seen even die-hard fans shocked by its twists and turns.  As the end becomes very nigh, Rotten Tomatoes has released its scores for all of this season’s episodes as well as a list of overall scores for the previous seasons.

As it stands, now, American Horror Story: Cult has a 74% Tomatometer score with both episodes 4 and 9 coming in at a perfect 100%.  Episode 3 garnered the lowest rating at 73%.  The rest of this season’s scores have run from 77% to 88%.

Overall, seasons 2 (“Asylum”) and 3 (“Coven”) have received the highest overall ratings at 84% each.  Season 5 (“Hotel”) received the lowest score of the series at 64%.

For those who aren’t familiar with Rotten Tomatoes and their famed Tomatometer, each television show and film listed on the site is given a rating based on reviews.

Each good review earns a Red Tomato and each bad review gives the film a Rotten Green Tomato.  As reviews arrive, the site calculates overall approval rating.  To be rated a Fresh title, the series or film must have an overall 60%.  To be rated Certified Fresh, the title must have a steady rating of 75% from a set number of critics.

All eyes will be on the “Great Again” tomorrow night and we’ll be watching the numbers to see just how fresh American Horror Story: Cult rates overall!

Here is the full list of American Horror Story 7 scores, previous season’s ratings, and their finales:


Episode 1 is Fresh at 84%

Episode 2 is Fresh at 88%

Episode 3 is Fresh at 73%

Episode 4 is Fresh at 100%

Episode 5 is Fresh at 85%

Episode 6 is Fresh at 88%

Episode 7 is Fresh at 85%

Episode 8 is Fresh at 77%

Episode 9 is Fresh at 100%

Episode 10 is Fresh at 80%

Episode 11 – Please check the site for reviews after the finale!  


Murder House (Season 1) is Certified Fresh at 74%

Asylum (Season 2) is Certified Fresh at 84%

Coven (Season 3) is Certified Fresh at 84%

Freak Show (Season 4) is Certified Fresh at 79%

Hotel (Season 5) is Fresh at 64%

Roanoke (Season 6) is Certified Fresh at 78%

Cult (Season 7) is currently Fresh at 74%. Please note, this score may alter when the finale score posts. Please visit the site for the most updated score.


Season 1 episode 12 is Fresh at 82%

Season 2 episode 13 is Fresh at 88%

Season 3 episode 13 is Fresh at 67%

Season 4 episode 13 is Rotten at 58%

Season 5 episode 12 is Fresh at 63%

Season 6 episode 10 is Rotten at 56%

Season 7 episode 11 – Please check the site for reviews after the finale!