Did You Know Rochelle From ‘The Craft’ Works as a Tarot Card Reader?

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Written by Patti Pauley

File this one under the coolest news you may hear all week as fans of the wonderful cult classic The Craft are going to get a kick out of this!

Thanks to an interview over at LA Weekly, we now have gained the epic as hell knowledge that Miss Rachel True who plays the mystical teenage witch Rochelle in The Craft, works at the House of Intuition located in Los Angeles as a Tarot Card reader!


Excuse me while I pack my bags and make that four hour trip to LA.

The Craft Rochelle

In the case of which you may think life is intimidating art here, True revealed she was long into the art of Magik and is highly intuitive. In a statement given to the newspaper, Rachel wasn’t always comfortable with her sixth sense so to speak and tried to push it back for a while. Now, True with the ability to be able to tap into people’s energies is now using her special gifts to help others.

“As a little kid, I felt living in New York City, I was getting all of this energy and information, and it was too much, and it was kind of overwhelming.


As for True embracing her skills in the world of the mystical Tarot, the beloved Craft actress wants to inform people that the cards aren’t a form of dark sorcery and are meant as a guiding light so to speak:

“I find that a lot of people have a misconception that there is something heavy or dark about it. And honestly it is just cards with archetypes on them. The tricky thing that I think people miss is the cards aren’t magic, what they do is: they help you — they hopefully help you — lock into your own intuition.”


Alongside True’s work with the Tarot, it has been reported that the actress has an upcoming movie portraying the Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau in a film directed by Charles Foster Jollivette simply titled Laveau that is scheduled for release sometime this year. Miss True is also a very active blogger on her blog space SomeTrueThings.com where the ageless beauty talks about healthy lifestyles.

And speaking of ageless beauty, I’m telling you this is some kind of sorcery right here. She looks exactly the same as she always has.


Image credit: SomeTrueThings.com

You can read the full interview and experience with Miss Rachel True by heading over to LA Weekly.com, and if you happen to be hanging out or visiting Sunset Blvd, stop into the House of Intuition. You may just be able to have a sit down with Miss True herself and fulfill your inner fantasies with meeting not only of the most gracious people on Earth, but one of the coolest cult characters from the 90s.




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