‘RoboCop Returns’ Coming Our Way to Uphold the Law

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A few weeks back RoboCop screenwriter Ed Neumeier was a guest on Dan Harmon’s podcast, Harmontown. In that episode Neumeier spoke in detail about why he wasn’t involved in the sequel to RoboCop. It was sad hearing the big, what could have been points during the chat.

No need to cry over spilled baby food anymore though. Neumeier’s original idea for a sequel is now in the works with Little Monsters director Abe Forsythe set to helm.

Both Neumeier and Michael Miner are aboard as producers while Justin Rhodes (Terminator: Dark Fate) will rewrite Neumeier’s original script.

If you are a big RoboCop fan you should really go listen to the episode of Harmontown that featured Numeier. He has some really great insight into the first film as well as some words about his original ideas for a sequel.

87’s RoboCop director, Paul Verhoeven was instrumental in the look of the film. Is it possible to bring back that same magic for RoboCop Returns? Having Neumeier onboard as producer is a good start.

Previously, director Neil Blomkamp was set to direct the reboot.

Think RoboCop has a chance at returning with his primary directives? Let us know in the comments section.


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