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Robert Rodriguez’s Horror Film ‘Red 11’ Soon to Stream on Tubi

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Robert Rodriguez is a low budget film legend. The dude, who now collabs with James Cameron and the like, started his career in the ditches with the rest of us aspiring filmmakers. Rodriguez’s first feature film El Mariachi cost only $7,000 and went on to great success and respect in the indie film community. His latest horror film, Red 11 takes Rodriguez back to those same indie film roots by returning him to the world of the the same $7000 feature film budget.

The synopsis goes like this:

Based on the research hospital where Robert Rodriguez sold his body to pay for ‘El Mariachi’. ‘Red 11’ is the shirt color and number he was assigned.

The free streaming service, Tubi will begin streaming Red 11 this summer. In addition, Tubi will also be receive The Robert Rodriguez Film School. The documentary acts as a making of Red 11, while revealing ways to go about making your own film on the cheap. I’m personally a fan of how the film actually revolves around the medical studies Rodriguez took part in to pay for his film.

The film is co-written by and stars Rodriguez’s son, Racer.

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Red 11

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