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Robert Rodriguez Likely to Direct Escape From New York Remake

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John Carpenter is an icon of our genre for a reason. The man has made countless terrific films over the course of his career, from straight horror masterpieces like Halloween, to sci-fi/horror combos like The Thing and They Live, to apocalyptic dystopian action flicks like Escape From New York.

While They Live thankfully has yet to be touched, many of Carpenter’s best works have since been remade, usually for the worse. Still, the ever-blunt Carpenter has made it known that he really couldn’t care less, as each remake not only brings new eyes to his original films, but also lines his pockets with royalty checks.

Escape from New York

The latest Carpenter classic to get a redo is Escape From New York, which more than one studio has tried to make happen for about a decade now, only for the project to ultimately fall apart. 20th Century FOX seems committed to getting it done though, having previously hired Luther creator Neil Cross to pen the script.

Now, according to a report by The Tracking Board, FOX has found its director for the project in Robert Rodriguez, helmer of such genre hits as From Dusk Till Dawn, The Faculty, and Planet Terror.

While most would argue that Escape doesn’t need a remake at all, Rodriguez is definitely one of the better picks FOX could make to direct it, as his genre bona fides are unquestionable.

A firm deal is not yet in place, but FOX sees him as the favorite, and Rodriguez is apparently eager to work with the studio again. Rodriguez recently directed Alita: Battle Angel for them, and produced Predators for them back in 2010.

As stylish as his films are – and as much as he revels in making unapologetic R-rated genre flicks – Rodriguez seems like an inspired choice to take Snake Plissken back to Carpenter’s demented version of the city that never sleeps.

Speaking of Snake, several actors have been attached to play him in an Escape remake over the years, including Gerard Butler. Currently though, the role remains unfilled. Knowing Rodriguez, he’ll lobby for Danny Trejo, and really, would that be so bad?

Danny Trejo

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