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Robert Englund’s ‘Nightmare Blend’ Coffee Will Help You Stay Up Late

by Trey Hilburn III
Robert Englund

Deadsled Coffee is all about making coffee lover and horror lover dreams come true. This time around their collaboration with Robert Englund is something even Freddy Krueger himself would appreciate.

Deadsled has collaborated on other coffee projects with a special Vampira and Bella Leguosi blends. This time around they partnered with Robert Englund himself to create Nightmare Blend Coffee. The label features Englund sipping a coffee mug and wearing Freddy’s glove.

The site’s official Description for Robert Englund’s Nightmare Blend goes like this:

This bundle comes with two bags of Robert Englund’s Nightmare Blend coffee, a limited edition vintage baseball-style (raglan) shirt which is exclusive to the bundle and a limited edition mug, which is also exclusive to the bundle. Also included will be swag that you’ll only be able get with the bundle including magnets, stickers and more. Also all U.S. orders of the bundle ship free so be sure to select it at checkout. Also in your bundle you will receive a special coupon code for 25% off for a future order.

One of the two bags of coffee that you will receive is exclusive to the bundle itself. That would be what we call the “Blue Door” bag that features Robert looking out of the window of the iconic front door. That particular bag design will never be available again.

Last and certainly not least, everyone who pre-orders will be entered into a contest. Robert will be signing 50 of the limited Blue Door bags. 50 random orders will receive a 5″x5″ hologram “You’re a Winner” sticker in your package. If you received it, let us know and shortly thereafter we will send you the signed bag! Now, 1 out of those 50 will win the grand prize. Along with a signed bag of coffee, you will also win an authentic Nightmare Glove which was crafted by Anders Eriksen of Nightmare Gloves himself!

Sound pretty cool and we wouldn’t mind owning one of those baseball tees either. To place your order for Deadsled’s Nightmare Blend head over HERE.


Robert Englund

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