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Robert Englund Releases Pointed Coronavirus PSA

by Waylon Jordan
Robert Englund

Robert Englund may be the most famous glove-wearing killer in horror history and he has a message for everyone currently dealing with self-isolation and only the occasional trip into the outside world.

The actor took to Twitter to offer the following advice:

Englund joins a number of actors and high-profile celebrities who have taken to social media to promote safe practices as the government and doctors and nurses across the country do their best to control the spread of the virus while simultaneously treating those who have already contracted Covid-19.

Just last week, Jamie Lee Curtis released her own social distancing message sharing a meme featuring Michael Myers in a grocery store. The meme read, “This mask won’t protect you from COVID19, but it’ll sure help with social distancing.”

“I mean…they haven’t banned LAUGHTER!” Curtis added.

These are, in my opinion, some of the best kinds of messages right now. Things are rough, and a lot of us haven’t left our home in days

As horror fans, these actors aren’t just actors. They’re our heroes. They’ve entertained us, kept us company on dark and stormy nights, and in their own way, become a part of our extended families.

We line up to see them at conventions and learn the dialogue to their movies. We rush to theaters–when they’re open–when they have a new release, and avidly collect their body of work on home media.

So, when they release messages like this, it’s kind of like your mom saying, “Call me when you get home so I know you’re safe.”

We here at iHorror hope you’re all doing well, staying home, social distancing, and yeah, as Robert Englund says, wearing your gloves when you can while you’re out and about.

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