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Robert Englund is Never Playing Freddy Again. Deal With It.

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Written by John Squires

While you could arguably put anyone (of the proper size) under a mask and have him play a horror icon like Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers or Leatherface, dream demon Freddy Krueger is an entirely different story. In so many words, Robert Englund IS Freddy Krueger and Freddy Krueger IS Robert Englund.

The 2010 Nightmare on Elm Street remake proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Freddy just isn’t Freddy when not played by Englund, and with news of a second reboot spreading across the web, many fans have been wondering whether or not New Line will decide to bring the actor back for one more go at it.


Englund himself recently made comments that were taken out of context, talking about the sort of Elm Street movie that should be made next. He basically said that rather than remake the original, they should do something new with it, and various websites erroneously reported he was going to be involved.

Taking to Twitter this week, Englund clarified his comments once and for all, and what he had to say is sure to upset many Fred-Heads…

Just for the record, I will NOT be starring as Freddy in any new Nightmare projects, real or fictional,” wrote the genre icon.

And that, as they say, is that. Now 68-years-old, Englund has recently commented that he’s simply too old to don the Christmas sweater and razor glove, and with studios looking to infuse new blood into their reboots, it’s very likely that we’ll never see him play Freddy Krueger again – a fact we just have to deal with.

So let’s be happy that Englund played the role for as long as he did, and allow him to move on with his life.


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