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Robert Englund Is Coming Back as Freddy Krueger!

by Crystal Bee

Everyone knows Robert Englund plays Freddy Krueger in the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. The last time we saw him was when he co-starred with Jason back in 2003. But, he is returning to his horror roots in a brand new documentary, reports EW.

(Photo courtesy of “Nightmares in the Makeup Chair” website.)

Nightmares in the Makeup Chair will showcase Englund epitomizing the show’s namesake getting the full Freddy treatment.

Englund says the doc is, “my love letter to the Nightmare on Elm Street series and to practical makeup. I’ve always been in awe of the multi-talented makeup effects artists. From sketching to sculpting, they realize the design. Then to the fine precision of the molding and the manufacturing of the makeup appliances, which are nearly paper-thin.

“And then, the application process where I sit in the makeup chair and I become their living canvas as they glue me in and paint the appliances. This documentary not only captures their talent, but I think it might inspire a new generation of practical effects artists. I was happy to become Freddy once again to share the makeup process with the fans”.

(Photo Courtesy of “Nightmares in the Makeup Chair” website.)

Robert Kurtzman is the makeup artist transforming the icon back into the dream killer. Fans will get to see Kurtzman’s studio and hear his makeup secrets while he works on Englund.

Kurtzman says, “during this film he tells these great stories about the Nightmare films and playing Freddy while I’m applying the Krueger makeup.”

(Photo courtesy of “Nightmares in the Makeup Chair” website.)

The film will travel the festival circuit in 2017.

Check out the website for more information.

Here’s the trailer for a sneak peek at Robert Englund transforming back into the man – the monster, Freddy Krueger.



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