Rob Zombie is currently hard at work on Halloween horror flick 31, which just wrapped up filming and is likely set for release in 2016. His next project hasn’t yet been officially announced, but a recent trip to IMDb revealed some interesting information…

According to the website, Zombie is set to write The Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning, which looks to be an animated film that will serve as a prequel to the 2006 remake. It’s also an adaptation of a graphic novel of the same name, released back in 2007.

The animated film is described as ‘the origin story of how the cannibalistic mutants became what they are and who they were before the accident,’ centered on the original families who refused to leave their small New Mexico town once the U.S. government began above-ground atomic testing.

Spanning multiple generations, the graphic novel reveals how those once good people slowly devolved into murderous mutants.

Interestingly enough, IMDb also lists Rob Zombie as being a member of the cast – the only one at the moment, in fact – which suggests that he’ll be lending his voice to the animated film. In addition, he’s listed as a producer.

Zombie hasn’t yet officially confirmed his involvement in this one, so keep in mind that nothing is 100% set in stone at the moment.

Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning