Rob Zombie: Lords of Salem Is My Last Horror Film “for a Really Long Time”

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In a recent interview with Phoenix New Times Rob Zombie stated: “Lords of Salem is my last sort of horror-genre related film for a really long time.”

He doesn’t go on to explain why – he only talks briefly about another movie he’s working on Broad Street Bullies, which he describes as:

“Rocky meets Boogie Nights. Because it’s a very sort of uplifting, crazy . . . the feeling of Rocky with the characters of Boogie Nights is almost the way it plays in my mind.”

The Devils Rejects Rob Zombie Horror Movie

Rob Zombie has a cult-like following with his unique interpretations of horror movies: House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects, Halloween, Halloween II, and The Lords of Salem.  Perhaps Zombie’s departure from making Horror movies is due to the lack luster box office results from his last couple movies – including The Lords of Salem. In limited release, Rob Zombie‘s The Lords of Salem scored only $622,000 from 388 theaters for a $1,752 per theater average. Considering there was virtually no marketing for the picture this shouldn’t be a huge surprise.

Lords of Salem Rob Zombie Horror Movie

What do you think?  Should Rob Zombie continue to make Horror?  What type of movie would you like to see from him?