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Rob Galluzzo Steps Down From ‘Fangoria’ and ‘Shock Waves’

by Timothy Rawles

Rob Galluzzo has parted ways with Fangoria. The horror icon tweeted his resignation on Tuesday, June 9.

As the horror community tries to stabilize itself over an insidious scandal involving Cinestate (Fangoria’s mother company) and the arrest of Cinestate movie producer Adam Donaghey on child rape charges, the once-respected genre publication’s blood loss is untappable.

Cinestate has yet to make a public statement about the controversy thus prompting  Joe Bob Briggs to resign from Fangoria as well

Galluzzo was the Director of Acquisitions and Distribution at Fangoria which meant he hand-picked titles that would be associated with that brand.

Jordan Crucchiola, Associate Editor in LA for Vulture went on Twitter to respond to Galluzzo’s resignation:

“When the Cinestate story broke, rob tweeted about how he needed to process everything. He was broken up. Now he is positioning himself as acting on conscience to leave the company behind. But Rob Galluzzo has been harassing women for years, and while I was not going to say anything because the stories are not my own, his performance of empathy – which is DEEPLY INSULTING to the friends of mine he has harassed – was too much of an open taunt to keep not saying that Rob Galluzzo harassed women.”

You can read Crucchiola’s full Tweet HERE.

Galluzzo was also co-host of Shock Waves, a weekly podcast that was also a part of the Fangoria Podcast Network. They have since ditched Fangoria and decided to work independently.

Shock Waves made a social media announcement on Tuesday:

“Rob Galluzzo is no longer working as a co-host on the SHOCK WAVES podcast. For now the podcast is on hiatus but we will keep you posted on when we will be back with new episodes.”

Galluzzo made his resignation public via Twitter, but since then his social media accounts have been deleted, save LinkedIn which still shows him under his former title.

We at iHorror hope that Fangoria can survive this blow to their otherwise good reputation and flourish under different circumstances.

This story has been edited to include Jordan Crucchiola’s tweet.

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