RIP: Virginia Leith Star of ‘The Brain That Wouldn’t Die’

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Virginia Leith known famously for her role in the cult film The Brain That Wouldn’t Die has passed away at the age of 94 years old.

Leith was born in Cleveland, Ohio Oct. 15 1925. She passed on November 4 in Palm Springs after a ‘brief illness.’

Well known as a model and actress, Leith acted in Stanley Kubrick’s film Fear and Desire, before her iconic sci-fi-horror role in Joseph Green’s The Brain That Wouldn’t Die.

In Green’s film, Leith played a disembodied head kept alive by her mad scientist boyfriend following a car accident. Her character “Jane Compton” became known as “Jan in the Pan”. The image of Jan in the Pan is an iconic image that has been copied in film like Re-Animator and used as inspiration for theatrical horror art to this day.

Leith met Kubrick prior to his involvement in film. This is when he was still a photographer. After the shoot for Look Magazine, Kubrick cast her in Fear and Desire.

If you haven’t watched Leith’s work in The Brain That Wouldn’t Die, get a look at the trailer below and get a look at the entire film as soon as you can.

Source: (Deadline)

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