Rip Apart Some Demons in the ‘Doom’ Video

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You don’t have to be attending E3 to know that there is a new Doom game coming out, but you have to in order to see all the cool gameplay footage… or do you? IGN has graciously decided to show you a gory clip show full of demons being bashed, beaten, blown up, chainsawed, shot and ripped apart! Yes, just about every creative variation of a way to slay some hellish, cybernetic being from another world is shown here.

[youtube id=”4Yw73Qu_7ps”]

The game takes place on Mars, where UAC Corporation have been discovering artificial symbols that marked Mars and brought an army of demons from Hell.

No release date yet, but the game is due out in early 2016 from developer ID Software and publisher Bethesda Softworks on PC. Playstation 4 and Xbox One.